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There is a lot of speculation that there will not be a 2011/2012 NBA season but I believe there will be. The same question was posed this summer in regards to the NFL and they worked things out and were able to save the season and I think the NBA will too. The only difference is that I think the NBA will not play a full season, I-m thinking it will be more like the 50 game season we had in the 1998/1999 season.

A reason I think that the season will be played is because missing out on a whole season would be disastrous for the NBA. Fans have no sympathy for billionaire owners and millionaire players fighting over more money than the average person can even dream about. So for that reason alone one side or another (more likely the owners) will give in to end the lockout. Fans were slow to come around after the previous lockout and another extended lockout would be hard to overcome.

The players will also play a part in making sure there are games played this season. They love playing the game obviously, but they also love receiving hefty paychecks so I expect everyone to stand strong for the beginning of the NBA season and state that they are willing to forgo the entire NBA season, but when it-s all said and done I expect the NBA to be in session this winter, but just don-t expect to see 82 games.

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