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The NBA, and the lockout, are two things which have come to be all to well known to teams, and unfortunately for the fans of the game. Due to the inability of the teams, players, coaches, trainers, and the owners of the teams to come to an agreement on the terms, and the collective bargaining conditions, we are currently looking at probably one more season, where the lockout is going to take away the NBA season for the fans.Get more information here. The people who truly due get hurt due to the greed of the players and the owners, are the loyal fans who are season ticket holders, who travel long distances to watch the games, and who make every effort to support their home teams.

The fact that neither side is willing to budge just a little, so that they can agree on salary caps, limits, and what the season should hold, is really a sign of greed, and a sign that each side is just trying to prove a point. The players feel they do not make enough money. However, NBA players make the most money any league has seen, especially today, since there are so many new stars with such high demands. And, the owners, are not willing to budge on contract extensions, due to the huge sums of money the players are requesting. So, there is an argument, which seems to not want to resolve itself, and it seems that we may have another lockout in 2011 and 2012 NBA season.

So, unless something changes drastically in the next month or two, we are going to be looking at another season being wasted, and the talent of the NBA going to different countries in order to play, so that they can make the money they are looking to make.